Insite - Not just injecting, but connecting

This video about Insite, created by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, is an amazing look at the program, the people, and the vital place it holds in the community. Supervised consumption sites are about so much more than using drugs - they're also about compassionate health care, forming respectful connections with people, and providing help when it's needed.

Peter Sarosiof the HCLU's video advocacy group describes the filming of this short documentary:

In those few days we spent in downtown Eastside, we realized that Insite is very different from the dark picture the Canadian government tries to paint of it – and so much more than just an injecting site. It connects people to other services, such as shelter, food, detoxification, rehabilitation, financial literacy and sports facilities. Filming people coming in and out of Insite and Onsite (the detox/shelter service on the top floors) - seeing the enthusiasm and spirit of the community, the commitment of the staff members, the struggle for survival on the street - told us so much more than reading the research data proving Insite’s efficency in reducing HIV infections and overdose deaths. This is a place where clients are reminded that they are not merely clients, but people with dignity. We hope our video will help you appreciate all these features of Insite. The Supreme Court’s decision, instructing the federal government to use their existing legislation to issue a permit to Insite, is a historic victory, not only for evidence-based drug policies, but for the communities of people who use drugs. It gives inspiration and hope for all of us.