Let's keep the conversation going

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our screening of "Bevel Up". The movie exposed many of the challenges that people who use drugs face in accessing health and social services, and demonstrated the essential care that outreach nurses provide. A special thank you to our excellent panelists who fielded an array of questions and comments during the lively discussion that followed the movie.

Right now, the conversation about safe consumption sites is at the forefront in Ontario. You can help us keep this conversation going.

We've prepared a petition to the Ontario Legislature urging the government to support safer drug consumption facilities in Ottawa. Download and print the petition, and collect as many signatures as you can from friends and relatives. Return it to us at one of our meetings or events, and we'll deliver all collected signatures to an MPP for presentation in the Legislature.

The Minister of Health must hear the message that the people of Ottawa demand action on the epidemic of HIV and Hepatitis C among drug users in our city.

You can find the petition in the Resources section of our website.

Thank you for your support, and thanks again to everyone who made our Bevel Up event a great success.