Linking Struggles: Dave Diewert on the fight for Insite

Join CSCS and allies to an informal discussion and Q&A with Dave Diewert, a Downtown Eastside ally and organizer. Learn about the struggle to open Insite and share ideas for the campaign to open a supervised drug consumption site in Ottawa.

When: Saturday, June 15th at 5:00 PM
Where: Dundonald Park (across from the Beer Store on Somerset at Lyon)
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Dave has been an active ally with the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users since its founding and played key roles in supporting and organizing actions.

Discussion will focus on some of the grassroots work done by drug users and allies around education, peer support and political actions that laid important and crucial groundwork for the establishment of Insite.

Dave will explore aspects of the safe injection site narrative that often don't get the recognition they deserve but were crucial to the emergence of Insite, before the momentum was taken up by health and government officials.

We aim for this to be an anti-oppressive space & stigma-free space for people who use drugs.