The evidence is in

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to our event this evening, to Dr. Bayoumi and Dr. Strike for presenting the TOSCA evidence in support of supervised consumption sites in Ottawa, and to Tarah and Rick for sharing their insights and stories.

We started the evening with this excellent video - take a look to see how Insite serves the health care needs of people who use drugs in Vancouver, and benefits the entire community.

In 2003, Insite, North America's first supervised injection site, opened in Vancouver's Downtown East Side. Since then, the site has recorded over 1.8 million visits. Dozens of scientific studies have been published showing how Insite reduces the spread of blood-borne viruses, connects users with health care services and addiction treatment programs, prevents fatal overdoses, saves money for the health care system, and reduces crime and public disorder in the community. The site has proven so effective, that in 2011, the Supreme Court ruled that Insite could not be shut down by the federal government, because to do so would threaten the health and lives of its clients.

A supervised consumption site in Ottawa may not look exactly like Insite, but there's no question that it's a excellent model to work from.