Students to rally for supervised injection in Ottawa

Students rally in support of supervised injection site in Ottawa, but police and mayor have little support for the idea.

Rally for a Supervised Injection Site in Ottawa

Rally for Supervised Consumption Sites in Ottawa

Take a stand for supervised consumption.

Join us in voicing your support for a humane, responsible, and proven approach to drug treatment. Ottawa needs supervised consumption sites now!

Date: Sunday, March 23, 2014 at 1 PM
Place: Parliament Hill

Speakers include Dr. Mark Tyndall, members of the Drug Users Advocacy League (DUAL) and CSCS Ottawa.

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Don't let silence speak for you!

Students to rally for supervised injection site in Ottawa

A group of Algonquin College students is organizing a rally on Parliament Hill to promote supervised injection sites.

Sam Porghavami, a second-year social service worker student, said it’s a “no-brainer” for Ottawa to have a supervised injection site.

The students are partnering with the Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites (CSCS) in Ottawa to raise awareness and pressure city councillors to bring in a clean and acceptable place for people to use drugs under the supervision of medical staff.

Canada’s drug policy is in with the wrong crowd

The world’s nations have begun talks ahead of the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drugs in 2016. This is a time of increasing high-level calls for drug policy reform and a sense that policies long dominated by prohibition and law enforcement in many parts of the world have failed miserably. Countries may be better served with a public health policy approach instead.

Canada has long been a world leader in implementing harm reduction policy when it comes to drug use at home.

So it was almost shocking to see it aligning itself to countries such as Russia and China in vocally opposing the inclusion of “harm reduction” in a new a new set of UN principles that will guide talks at the special session in 2016.

Safe injection: Saving lives or ignoring addiction?

The crumpled figure in the picture is face down on the tiled bathroom floor. His legs are curled underneath him as though he toppled over from a kneeling or sitting position. The bathroom is clean but for wrappers and a tourniquet scattered over the closed lid of the toilet. A used needle lies on the floor behind the unconscious man.

“This picture was taken at Pizza Pizza, downtown,” says Sean Leblanc.

Ottawa safe injection site proponents hold mock site open house

Tough love didn’t work with Donna May’s daughter. At 34, May’s daughter, a mother of three, was a hardcore IV drug user who died of flesh-eating disease she got through a dirty needle in July 2012.

“Her addiction took her away from me,” said May, one of the guest speakers at the Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites in Ottawa rally at 216 Murray St. on Monday. “Tough love didn’t work. It made her vulnerable, alone with her addiction. A supervised injection site would have rehumanized her.”

Lowertown mock injection site latest step in public consultation

Organizers from the Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites and the Drug Users Advocacy League opened a mock injection site to public viewing Monday as part of an ongoing dialogue before submitting an application to run a supervised injection site in Ottawa.

Though the Proud Centre at 216 Murray St. was packed with people advocating for the site, some in attendance called into question how much community support there really is, echoing concerns voiced last week by police Chief Charles Bordeleau.

Safe injection proponents show off mock site in Ottawa

The model version of a supervised drug injection site proposed for Ottawa's Lowertown neighbourhood was open to the public Monday.

Organizers wanted to use the opportunity to address community concerns and answer questions to win support.

More than 100 people crammed into a small building at 216 Murray St. Monday morning for a tour of the mock site.

Un faux site d'injection supervisée à Ottawa pour sensibiliser la population

Des représentants communautaires invitent les résidents d'Ottawa à visiter, lundi matin, un centre d'injection de drogue supervisée factice. Ils souhaitent ainsi sensibiliser la population aux avantages d'offrir des services aux toxicomanes et d'améliorer la santé de ces derniers.

Tour Ottawa's mock supervised injection room

Sean LeBlanc of the Drug Users Advocacy League gives CBC Ottawa Morning a tour of the mock supervised injection room set up at 216 Murray St.

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