Supporters of supervised injection site rally on Parliament Hill

People calling for a supervised injection site in Ottawa brought their message to Parliament Hill Sunday afternoon.

They rallied in support of a clean and safe centre for drug-users in the Capital, a place they say can reduce the spread of disease and prevent deadly overdoses.

"Just to have a warm, clean place available, clean needles to use...people will be able to inject in areas that are much safer for them," said Dr. Mark Tyndall, head of Infectious Disease at the Ottawa Hospital.

Protesters rally at Hill to call for supervised injection site in Ottawa

Calling on the City of Ottawa to endorse a supervised injection site for drug users, about 100 protesters gathered on the steps of Parliament Hill Sunday afternoon.

The Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites in Ottawa maintains that a facility, one similar to Vancouver’s Insite clinic, would reduce overdoses and infectious diseases, as well as refer drug users to addictions services.

But Ottawa Public Health said Sunday it has no plans to open such a service and is monitoring community discussions.

Manifestation pour un centre d’injection supervisée à Ottawa

Un groupe de citoyens en faveur de la mise en place d'un centre d'injection supervisée à Ottawa se sont rassemblés sur la colline du Parlement dimanche après-midi. Ils déplorent l'inaction de Santé publique Ottawa qui ne s'est toujours pas prononcée sur ce dossier.

Selon les organisateurs de la maniferstion, des surdoses surviennent quotidiennement dans les rues d'Ottawa et sont responsables de deux décès par mois. Le CSCS Ottawa (Campaign for Safer Consumption) soutient aussi qu'à Ottawa, le taux d'infection au VIH est le plus élevé de la province et que celui d'hépatite C est le plus élevé au pays.

Safe injection site rally in Ottawa focuses on Ottawa Public Health

CBC Ottawa reports on the rally for supervised consumption sites held March 23 on Parliament Hill. 100 supporters showed up to call on city health officials to join them in leading the push for a medically supervised facility for drug users in Ottawa.

Group blasts ‘shameful’ silence of Ottawa Public Health on supervised injection sites

A group advocating for a supervised injection site for drug users in Ottawa is calling on Ottawa Public Health to end its “shameful” silence and endorse the idea.

The Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites in Ottawa (CSCS Ottawa), which will hold a rally on Parliament Hill at 1 p.m. Sunday, noted that public health agencies in Toronto and Montreal have openly endorsed supervised injection sites.

Supporters of supervised injection sites rally on Parliament Hill

This Sunday March 23rd at 1pm, supporters of the Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites in Ottawa will rally on Parliament Hill to amplify the growing demand for a supervised injection site in our nation’s capital.

Supervised injection sites are a medical intervention proven to reduce public drug use, avert the spread of infectious diseases such as HIV, and prevent overdose fatalities. These sites have vocal support from experts across the Canadian health care community, including the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Nurses Association.

Drug overdose occurs daily in the city of Ottawa, claiming at least two lives each month. Among people who inject drugs, HIV infection rates in Ottawa are the highest in the province, while hepatitis C rates are the highest in the country. These figures are appalling considering that there is a cost-effective, humane alternative already practiced in Canada and around the world. Vancouver's Insite has been saving lives and improving the health of its clients for over a decade, and has received unanimous support from the Supreme Court of Canada.

Seeking Safer Sites: Organizers say injection site would reduce health risks in Ottawa

Bill C-2, entitled an Act to Amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act passed its first reading in the House of Commons in October 2013. Sponsored by the Conservative Minister of Health Rona Ambrose, the Act has been criticized for creating obstacles to establishing safer consumption sites for intravenous drug users.

Bill C-2 was accompanied by a Conservative Party fundraising campaign launched with the tagline “Keep heroin out of our backyards.” The campaign warns against special interest groups that are seeking to replicate ‘”the experiment of Vancouver’s Insite facility.”

Students to rally for supervised injection in Ottawa

Students rally in support of supervised injection site in Ottawa, but police and mayor have little support for the idea.

Rally for a Supervised Injection Site in Ottawa

Rally for Supervised Consumption Sites in Ottawa

Take a stand for supervised consumption.

Join us in voicing your support for a humane, responsible, and proven approach to drug treatment. Ottawa needs supervised consumption sites now!

Date: Sunday, March 23, 2014 at 1 PM
Place: Parliament Hill

Speakers include Dr. Mark Tyndall, members of the Drug Users Advocacy League (DUAL) and CSCS Ottawa.

RSVP on Facebook and help us spread the word.

Don't let silence speak for you!

Students to rally for supervised injection site in Ottawa

A group of Algonquin College students is organizing a rally on Parliament Hill to promote supervised injection sites.

Sam Porghavami, a second-year social service worker student, said it’s a “no-brainer” for Ottawa to have a supervised injection site.

The students are partnering with the Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites (CSCS) in Ottawa to raise awareness and pressure city councillors to bring in a clean and acceptable place for people to use drugs under the supervision of medical staff.


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