Dr. Mark Tyndall on supervised injection sites in Ottawa

Dr. Mark Tyndall, Head of Infectious Diseases at the Ottawa Hospital, speaks out for supervised injection sites in Ottawa at an event to mark the second anniversary of the Supreme Court decision on Insite.

A compelling call to action for a proven medical service that would improve the health of people who use drugs, and benefit the entire community.

Ottawa safe injection site proponents hold mock site open house

Tough love didn’t work with Donna May’s daughter. At 34, May’s daughter, a mother of three, was a hardcore IV drug user who died of flesh-eating disease she got through a dirty needle in July 2012.

“Her addiction took her away from me,” said May, one of the guest speakers at the Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites in Ottawa rally at 216 Murray St. on Monday. “Tough love didn’t work. It made her vulnerable, alone with her addiction. A supervised injection site would have rehumanized her.”

9/30 in Ottawa

Thank you to everyone who attended the 9/30 event this morning and packed the PROUD research center at 216 Murray Street. Many people toured the mock injection room to see first-hand how simple it can be to reduce the harms of drug use and save lives in our community.

Thanks also to our amazing speakers, who provided thoughtful, compassionate, and evidence-based reasons for creating supervised injection sites in Ottawa:

Rachel Bard, CEO of the Canadian Nurses Association
Sean LeBlanc of the Drug Users Advocacy League
Chris Dalton of CSCS Ottawa
Ewald Friesen, a resident of the neighbourhood
Dr. Mark Tyndall, head of infectious diseases at the Ottawa Hospital
Donna May of Jac's Voice

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Report on community support for supervised consumption sites

CSCS Ottawa has released a report entitled Community Support for a Supervised Consumption Site in Ottawa.

This report provides an account of recent initiatives undertaken by the group to engage with members of the community on the subject of supervised drug consumption sites.

In particular, it presents the results of the residential and business canvassing campaigns conducted in Ottawa’s Lowertown and ByWard Market neighbourhoods in the spring and summer of 2013.

Our purpose in undertaking this activity was firstly to draw attention to the serious health crisis facing people who use drugs in Ottawa, and secondly to gather the opinions of those who live and work in an area of the city most impacted by problematic drug use.

We hope that by sharing this information with fellow community members, frontline health and social service providers, politicians, police, and the media, we can attract support to our campaign and ultimately meet our goal of seeing supervised consumption sites opened in Ottawa.

Download: pdf Community Support for a Supervised Consumption Site in Ottawa

Ottawa campaign for a safe drug injection site

A campaign was launched today for a safe consumption site for drug users in Ottawa.

Currently, Vancouver is the only city in Canada to have a safe consumption site. It provides a place where addicts can use illegal drugs under supervision from a nurse, with access to clean needles, and have information about addiction recovery programs.

The Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites in Ottawa says it wants to open a site in the Byward Market.

Ottawa gets a glimpse inside mock supervised injection site

Ottawa got an idea Monday of how a supervised injection site would work if one should be allowed to set up shop in the city.

There is currently only one supervised injection site in Canada — the Insite facility in Vancouver — but a mock injection site was setup on Murray St. in Lowertown.

Tour Ottawa's mock supervised injection room

Sean LeBlanc of the Drug Users Advocacy League gives CBC Ottawa Morning a tour of the mock supervised injection room set up at 216 Murray St.

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Un faux site d'injection supervisée à Ottawa pour sensibiliser la population

Des représentants communautaires invitent les résidents d'Ottawa à visiter, lundi matin, un centre d'injection de drogue supervisée factice. Ils souhaitent ainsi sensibiliser la population aux avantages d'offrir des services aux toxicomanes et d'améliorer la santé de ces derniers.

Safe injection proponents show off mock site in Ottawa

The model version of a supervised drug injection site proposed for Ottawa's Lowertown neighbourhood was open to the public Monday.

Organizers wanted to use the opportunity to address community concerns and answer questions to win support.

More than 100 people crammed into a small building at 216 Murray St. Monday morning for a tour of the mock site.

Lowertown mock injection site latest step in public consultation

Organizers from the Campaign for Safer Consumption Sites and the Drug Users Advocacy League opened a mock injection site to public viewing Monday as part of an ongoing dialogue before submitting an application to run a supervised injection site in Ottawa.

Though the Proud Centre at 216 Murray St. was packed with people advocating for the site, some in attendance called into question how much community support there really is, echoing concerns voiced last week by police Chief Charles Bordeleau.


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