Vancouver Police: There is no "no-go zone" for officers around Insite

Canada's first supervised injection site didn't increase crime in Vancouver's troubled Downtown Eastside.

But Insite didn't decrease it, either.

That's what numbers and experience tell Insp. Scott Thompson, the Vancouver Police Department's drug policy co-ordinator and downtown district commander.

Harm-reduction advocates lobby for safe injection site in Ottawa

Status quo or vague statements about improving access to drug treatment isn’t an option for the head of infectious diseases at the Ottawa Hospital.

Mark Tyndall is working with Sandy Hill Community Health Centre, the Drug User Advocacy League and other community partners to apply to Health Canada so Ottawa can open the country’s second supervised injection site.

9/30 Bring it to Light - A call to action for supervised drug consumption

September 30th is the 2nd anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that people who use drugs have a right to access health care services, including supervised injection.

Join us at 216 Murray Street at 9:30 am to hear speakers talk about the need for supervised consumption in Ottawa, and to support health care for people who use drugs in our community.

We will also provide tours of our mock injection room to demonstrate what this service might look like.

Program starts at 10am.
Media will be present.

RSVP on Facebook

We CAN do better. Join us!

Community health supporters set up mock injection site in Ottawa

On the second anniversary of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision that affirmed the value and benefits of supervised injection services at Insite in Vancouver, community health workers have set up a mock supervised injection site for public viewing in an effort to bring the health crisis among people who use drugs in Ottawa to the attention of the public.

What: Mock supervised injection site and presentation by speakers. Public welcome.
When: Monday September 30th, 2013. 9:30am–12:00pm. Speakers start at 10am.
Where: 216 Murray Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Group to host mock supervised injection site

Addicts can’t get off drugs if they’re dead. 

So says a former user offering a peek inside a mock supervised injection site next Monday as part of the push to bring one to Ottawa.

But the city’s police chief has new concerns, citing a lack of a concrete plan or consultation.

Sean LeBlanc, of the Drug Users Advocacy League (DUAL), said the city’s 6,000-plus IV drug users who shoot up prescription drugs or crack need help desperately.

Safe injection site proponents set to stage mock clinic to demystify the idea for public

The battle over a proposed safe injection site for Ottawa heated up today with one city councilor saying a Vancouver, INSITE-style solution won't be considered, while a local doctor said the issue is one of health and should not be in the hands of police and politicians.

Ottawa groups applying for supervised drug injection site in the capital

Ottawa may become home to Canada’s second safe injection site as early as next year if Health Canada approves a local group’s application.

The Sandy Hill Community Health Centre is working with partners on a proposal to exempt them from Canada’s drug laws and allow them to open a supervised drug injection facility.

The group, along with the Drug User Advocacy League and doctors from the Ottawa Hospital, hope to complete the application by December. The group expects an answer from Health Canada as early as six months after applying.

As InSite turns 10, others fight for supervised drug injection sites across Canada

Canada's only supervised injection site celebrated its 10th anniversary this weekend with advocates calling for the creation of similar facilities across the country.

InSite workers and clients, along with health officials and community members, marked the 10 year anniversary Friday morning during a ceremony at the facility -- which is located in Vancouver's troubled downtown eastside.

Some of the participants had mixed emotions.

The petition drive is on - get involved!

A year ago, we launched a petition calling on the provincial government to support the creation of supervised drug consumption sites in Ottawa. Since then, hundreds of people have signed their support for this life-saving health care initiative.

Now we're preparing to submit our petition to the Ontario Legislature. Before we do, we're asking you to help strengthen our call with a final push to gather as many signatures as possible.

Download and print our petition and take it to work, school, or to visit your friends & neighbours. At the end of the week, get in touch with us and we'll arrange to receive the signatures you've collected.

Or volunteer to join us next weekend for a petition blitz. To mark the 10th anniversary of the opening of Insite in Vancouver, we will head to the ByWard Market on September 21 & 22 to hand out information about safer consumption sites and gather signatures from people on the street.

Provincial governments in B.C. and Quebec have already shown their support for supervised consumption services. It's time that politicians in Ontario stood up for the health and well-being of people who use drugs, and the communities they live in.

Thank you for taking action!

Petition blitz volunteers needed

On September 20th, harm reduction advocates across the country are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the opening of Insite in Vancouver. To mark the occasion, we're looking for volunteers to join us on September 21 & 22 for a petition blitz in the ByWard Market. We'll hand out information about safer consumption sites and gather signatures on our petition in support of bringing this life-saving health care service to Ottawa.


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